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Video Specialists

Marketing with Video Specialists

Far from specialising in just the production of video content for the web, we at Video Specialists offer video marketing services that will also handle marketing the video on various platforms for you. The platforms chosen will depend on your marketing objectives, but is typically conducted on one, or a combination of platforms.

Video Marketing Services

YouTube Marketing & VSEO

YouTube makes use of the Google Ads platform for paid advertising, which allows us to ensure that your video reaches the best possible audience and gains you subscribers.

In addition, VSEO or Video Search Engine Optimisation, ensures that your video is found by those who are actively looking for content like yours.

Why is YouTube so powerful? It is the second-largest search engine next to Google itself, which means that it is one of the best ways to reach your prospective audience.

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch is Facebook’s video-on-demand service, and it is highly popular amongst demographics and audiences across the board.

Like YouTube, it also offers powerful paid marketing and targeting tools, to ensure that your video is watched by people who are likely to convert into customers.

Facebook is a popular approach for marketing with B2C and B2B businesses, thanks to its diverse userbase.

Instagram Video

Instagram also provides an effective approach to video marketing, using many of the same promotional tools as Facebook itself. It also has a large and diverse demographic of users, which makes it ideal for a wide spectrum of marketing approaches.

Instagram Video posts are most effective when marketing for B2C businesses but can also work well for B2B campaigns.

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