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The Video Production Process

Good video content is made by starting with two things:

An objective you want to meet – what it is you want your video to tell your audience, what you want them to do after watching it…

… And an idea!

The Video Production Process

Here at Video Specialists, we bring these two key points together by working closely with our clients to bring ideas to life that exceed their objectives and expectations.

Here is a little more about what you can expect from the process, when working with us:


Before we start filming or animating, we need a plan, and we build that plan with our clients.  We start by opening clear lines of communication with our clients to see exactly what their objectives are, to determine what type of video would be most beneficial to them.

The Script & Storyboard

We start by scripting out ideas, taking the best of them and creating engaging and descriptive, hand-drawn storyboards that get the idea across clearly to both the client, and the production team responsible for putting the final video together.

During this stage we invite the client to give us input where they want to: make changes, play with different ideas or leave things as they are, to ensure that your idea and ours, are perfectly aligned.

Once you are happy with the storyboard, we begin video production.


The production phase will be a little different depending on whether you choose an animated video or a live shoot.

Video Animations
For animations, our production team references the storyboard and starts putting your animation together. Depending on the complexity and length of the video, this can take a bit of time, but we keep you in the loop, every step of the way.

Live Video Content
For live videos, Video Specialists will send a small film crew to your facility, offices or whichever location is necessary for the shoot. We come with our own equipment and work seamlessly and without interrupting your processes, at a date and time that suits you.

Drone Footage
As part of our video production process, we even offer footage taken with a drone. This is perfect for aerial fly-by’s, total views of entire facilities and action-packed shots.

Audio Tracks & Voice Overs
Depending on what is needed for the video, we can either use one of our in-house voice-over artists, or request one from one of our partnered voice-actors. This allows for a variety of voice-types, tones and more, all offered with professional, production-grade quality.

We can also source professionally made audio back-tracks to inject personality into the video, give it a theme and keep it more engaging.


During post production, particularly for live video content, we compile, edit, colour correct and add text, audio, and special effects to the video.

This is where work begins to polish your video content, ensuring that it is delivered to professional standards and a quality that keeps your audience engaged.

Through the mixture of high-quality footage and experienced editing, we bring your video to life. We make it impactful for your viewers.


Once you have signed off on your final video, it is time to start marketing. We will upload it to the appropriate online channels, which we will manage and market for you.

As part of our various video content packages, we can market the video directly, getting you reach, engagement, followers and most importantly, leads.

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