While it is true that YouTube advertising has made it possible for businesses to create and run their own marketing videos at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, it is still a process that takes up a fair amount of time and resources, and the DIY approach often leads to somewhat substandard results.

Very few of us have the skills, time, and resources available that are necessary to give marketing videos a polished feel, an exciting script, engaging voice acting, or any of the other elements it needs to come across as professional.

You want your video to put your brand’s best foot forward, you want it to look professional, which is why you should have it produced by an experienced video production company.

Still, a lot of companies try their hand at making their own marketing videos, and the results vary from cringe-worthy to not-watchable for several reasons. Here are some of the pitfalls of going the DIY route when making marketing videos.


While the beauty of YouTube is that amateur looking videos can still get attention, the reality is that the most successful channels pay attention to the quality of their videos, and where video production is concerned, equipment can make all the difference in the world.

To create something that really stands out, your camera phone simply won’t do (not even the best of them), and if you use a camera phone, or a camera with low specs, it will show through in the final products in low framerates and resolutions.

And the camera isn’t even the only thing you need, its not even the most expensive part of your necessary setup. You will also need lenses, LED lighting, a stabiliser, tripods, sound recording equipment, and a computer with decent editing software on it.

All of this makes DIY video production far more costly than you would like, especially if you are only using the equipment for projects here and there.

You may find it much more affordable to hire someone who already has all the necessary equipment to do the job professionally.


How much time have you spent behind a camera, because there is a lot more to filming than just ‘point away from face and fire’.

Angles, lighting, movement, stability, colouring, aperture, exposure… these are just a few of the filming techniques you need to be savvy with for professional results.

There are also a host of specialised skills for audio recording, editing, and yes, even marketing that you can spend years trying to figure out and still learn relatively little.

It goes without saying that the right video production company should have all these skills in place.


A lot of people think they can act, right up to the moment where the camera lurks menacingly in their presence and tries to capture everything they do.

At this point, most people realise that it doesn’t come naturally, not at all. It is awkward, tiring, and confidence-shaking, even for those with some experience in doing it. And every little mistake or uncomfortable pose seems to be accentuated on camera.

Another good reason to let professionals handle it.


Ask any YouTube influencer out there how easy it is for them to create content on a daily or weekly basis, and they will tell you that it takes up all their time, it is a full-time job, it requires dedicated resources and time, and lets face it, your business has more pressing concerns.

There is a lot that goes into producing and marketing videos on YouTube, including writing scripts, working on storyboards, filming, animating, recording audio, putting it all together in editing, and then marketing it on YouTube, and your business likely doesn’t have the time to do it yourself.


It is much better to have professionals handle all aspects of creating and marketing the video for you, and they can still use your input to bring your exact idea to life or can even create their own. If you would like to use a video production company with a long track record of successful marketing videos, all the equipment needed, and extensive production and marketing knowledge, be sure to visit the Video Specialists website today.